What I Do

Trevor would rather draw you a picture than tell you his story but here goes. He grew up in Fresno, Ca drawing pictures in notebooks. Communicating became drawing. He got some water colors and fumbled around and filled some silly books with honest water colors. They weren't very good but he was determined. He bought some Acrylic paint and started to paint. After attending some Community College in Bullhead, AZ and Palm Desert, CA. He has learned by doing. He has painted mural all over the U.S. from Pittsburgh to San Francisco, Laughlin to Palm Desert. Picking up skills everyday. Oil, Alkyd, and Acrylics were used on Large Scale Figurative Murals on businesses, retaining walls, dining rooms, church halls and casinos. While trying to sell a painting to a local Tattoo Parlor he was offered an apprentiship by Marty Rincon in palm desert. Starting at the bottom. Books and friends helped him learn too and little by little he had new Ideas and techniques to work thru. Always craving inspiration and needing to test the limits at all times. He's the One. He can only do what you let him but if you give him some freedom then look out Awesome things Happen. Ask him if he's not into it, he'll tell you. Get a Tattoo, Look Better Naked, His rate is $120 an hour With writing or words a flat rate. Let's make an awesome tattoo to be proud of and that will make his portfolio and magazines. He likes all creative people. He's looking to get more into something unusual, or colorful, and fun to look at. He would like to see what he could do with more freedom and would enjoy tattooing you. Call to book your appointment. Here's an Idea, YOu can commission a painting or any other cooky ideas you might need his keen eye and sharp tongue for.* PLEASE LEAVE YOUR INFORMATION* to keep in touch !!!! He'll let you know how to stay cool in the summer too. There's no dumb Questions so feel free. He welcomes guest spots, and collaborations with fellow artists. , he wants to learn and grow and have a great time . He's working hard to produce more paintings and flash for you too, so be looking for those. tell him a story or buy him a pepsi if you see him out. He's prolly thirsty. Please leave your contact info. *Best way to contact him is to * TEXT or CALL *TREVOR BONKERS *(951) 534-2145!!!! Purchase his High Quality prints on canvas at www.LowBrowArtCompany.com ... Purchase High Quality Art Books he's been included in at........... www.OOSBooks.com ...
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Care For Your New Tattoo

1. Leave bandage on until you take it off. Anywhere from when you reach your destination to the next morning before a shower. The most important thing is to wash the tattooed area directly after removing the bandage. The bandage protects your fresh wound from airborne bacteria and brushing up onto anything around.

2. Use Soap with water and your fingertips to clean the newly tattooed area (nothing abrasive) paper towel to dry (discard after)

3. Do not scrub the tattooed area. Wash this spot a few times the first two days and allow to air dry. Leave dry or apply ointment very thin and less is more. (Bacitracin, neosporin, bag balm)

4. Do not re bandage. I like to wear a dark colored clean shirt, shorts, or a long sock (lower legs or arms) cut finger holes in sock for arm and sleep normally. A good nights rest will help you heal.

5. After two days use unscented lotion a few times a day until it's totally healed.

6. Within the first week the tattooed skin will dry and peel the top layer of skin. Let this happen naturally. Do not rush this process. Your body will heal on it's own terms.


1. Stay out of the sun until your tattoo is healed.

2. Apply sun block when you know you will be in the sun for hours and hours.

3. Use Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) to reduce swelling


1. Go swimming in chlorine water or soak in a hot tub or bath

2. Use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on your new tattoo

3. Let your pet lick your new tattoo

Thank You... See you Again Soon.